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by Jane Richardson

At Adobe Journal, we’re always looking for talented writers to share their expertise and insights on the latest technology trends, tools, and techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, we invite you to contribute to our blog and help our readers stay informed and inspired.

If you’re interested in writing for us, here’s what you need to know:

What we’re looking for?

  • Original articles that provide value to our readers and align with our mission of empowering creativity and productivity with technology.
  • Topics that are relevant to our audience, such as design, photography, video, audio, web development, mobile apps, UX/UI, AI, cloud computing, and more.
  • Engaging and informative writing that is easy to read, free of errors, and follows our editorial guidelines (which we will provide upon request).
  • High-quality visuals (images, videos, GIFs) that complement your content and make it more appealing to our readers.


What do we offer?

  • Exposure to a global audience of tech-savvy professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about creativity, innovation, and learning.
  • A platform to showcase your expertise, build your personal brand, and expand your network.
  • Recognition and promotion of your work through our social media channels, newsletters, and other marketing channels.
  • Feedback and guidance from our experienced editorial team to help you improve your writing skills and refine your content.


How to submit it?

  • Send us a brief pitch (1-2 paragraphs) outlining your proposed topic, angle, and key takeaways. Please include your name, bio, and a few relevant writing samples or links to your portfolio.
  • If we like your pitch, we’ll ask you to submit a draft (800-1200 words) that meets our guidelines and standards.
  • We reserve the right to edit, publish, or reject your submission at our discretion, and we may ask for revisions or clarifications before finalizing your article.
  • We don’t offer monetary compensation for guest posts, but we do offer exposure, recognition, and valuable feedback. We also allow you to include a short bio and a link to your website or social media profiles in your author bio.

Ready to share your ideas with our readers? Send us your pitch today and let’s create some amazing content together!


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