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Effective Tips On How To Avoid Sub-Zero Wolf Oven Fire

by Jane Richardson

Today, oven fire is currently one of the most common issues affecting many homeowners in the United States. According to the US Fire Departments, roughly 158,400 oven fire-related incidents occur in the country annually. Since oven fire occurs almost every time, you need to put several measures in place in your kitchen to avoid experiencing this unfortunate incident.

In the rest of this post, you’ll discover a few tips recommended by experts at Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance to prevent an oven fire problem.


1. Ensure your Wolf Oven is in Good Working Conditions

One effective way to avoid cases of oven fire in your kitchen is by checking regularly to know that the appliance is in good working conditions. In case you don’t know, a good working oven is one that has no issues and is properly serviced from time to time.

So, let’s direct these question to you:

  • Have you repaired all issues affecting your oven (if any)?
  • When last did you service the Wolf oven?
  • How often do you clean the appliance after use?

Cleaning your Wolf oven after every use is important to avoid burning the leftover food scraps. Servicing your oven at least once in a year is also important to avoid oven fire cases. When looking to service your appliance, ensure to hire a Sub-Zero Wolf-certified technician, such as an expert at Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance.


2. Avoid Leaving the House while Food is inside the Oven

Another effective way to prevent oven fire in your home is by emptying the oven before leaving the home. According to the US fire departments, unattended cooking is currently one of the leading causes of kitchen fires today. So, to avoid this issue, always ensure that someone is around to monitor whatever you’re cooking in your oven. Once the person perceives a foul or weird smell, sound, or smoke, they can quickly avert the issue before it becomes something serious.

Also, being at home alone isn’t enough when it comes to attending to your cooking. The person also needs to be active (not asleep or getting drunk) while the cooking is on.


3. Covering your Food matters in Some Cases

Are you looking to cook something that has the potential of splattering at a certain temperature? If yes, you need to cover the food appropriately by using a splatter guard or cover. Apart from preventing oven fires, covering your food appropriately before putting it in the oven can always save you the stress of having to struggle to clean the appliance.


4. Use Smoke Detector

You can also prevent oven fire cases by installing a smoke detector in your oven. With a well installed smoke detector, you’ll get early warnings to know of any potential fire from your appliance. If care is taken quickly, you can easily avoid any fire cases.

If you don’t already have a smoke detector connected to your oven, you can always hire an expert technician at Wilshire Refrigeration and Appliance to handle this project.


5. Keep Flammable items away from your Kitchen Area

Another way to avoid kitchen fires due to oven issues is by keeping flammable items away from the stove. When we say flammable items, we are referring to oven mitts, paper towels, and kitchen towels. With these items kept far away from your kitchen appliances, you can easily control a fire incident before it gets out of control.

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