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6 Ways to Maximize Efficiency in Business with Microsoft Office 365 Services

by Jane Richardson

Microsoft Office 365 services are provided to almost 155 billion users per month!

Yes, that’s right! Microsoft cloud services continue to soar with profitable business and productive services. While Small-sized and mid-sized businesses believe that their best choice is to migrate to Office 365 managed services, the migration journey sure is feasible with fewer hurdles.

Earlier, when SMBs started migrating to cloud managed services, they confronted some challenges shifting to new technology while dealing with advanced legacy systems for businesses that they have never operated in the same way for several years in the past.

Office 365 managed services made it look very reliable and seamless to adapt to the various technologies integrating feasible migration processes. This article particularly talks about the 6 ways to maximize business efficiency with O365 managed cloud services.

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How does Microsoft 365 Managed Services make your Business Efficient?

  • M365 managed services have gone a step further to provide organizations with well-crafted applications & tools to help companies gain efficiency in various areas that also concentrate on device management.
  • Microsoft Office 365 plans include Windows 10, Office 365, Mobile device management by Intune, Advanced threat protection and other security features, and additional Office Business apps.

6 Ways to Maximize Business Efficiency with Office 365 Managed Services

  1. All-time Accessibility
  2. Automate Business Processes
  3. Enhanced Collaboration & Communication
  4. Scalability
  5. Track Mobile Devices Efficiently
  6. Enhanced Security

All-time AccessibilityOffice 365 managed services

  • You never have to worry about local servers and devices once you decide to migrate to Microsoft 365 services with Office 365 managed service providers.
  • The entire data is stored securely in the cloud, and you will have permission to access it from anywhere and anytime with an internet connection.
  • Office 365 managed service providers make your business more efficient and resilient during natural disasters or any cyber-attacks.
  • Working remotely can become so easy to access your data from anywhere. Almost 77% of employees working from remote areas report greater productivity.
  • All-time accessibility includes feasible work access with Office 365 managed services tools. These tools enhance efficiency for businesses resulting in better progress.

Automate Business Processes

  • To automate business processes seamlessly, O365 managed service applications would be an immense help that encourages automated repetitive processes that save hours per week and free up your team for more productive tasks.
  • Microsoft 365 managed services providers bestow the below timesaving automated solutions:
  1. Auto saving the email attachments and other Microsoft Word documents to OneDrive cloud storage.
  2. Auto-populate the recordings in other Office programs from SharePoint.
  3. Send automated notifications for users in Teams while uploading documents for approval.
  4. Generating an auto digest email including all outstanding Microsoft Planner tasks.

Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

  • Collaboration and communication with your team and organization are very essential to enhance efficiency in the business. This process reduces mistakes and boosts employee self-esteem.
  • Microsoft 365 tools including SharePoint and Microsoft Teams help in real-time document and chat collaboration. The Teams app ensures to keep the conversations secure and end-to-end encrypted.
  • Communication becomes much more feasible with Teams alerts and notifications ensuring respective people are in the involved tasks.


  • The managed services of Office 365 ensure top-notch scalability unlike you do with On-premises processes. With On-premises, you lose the ability to scale your business according to your requirements.
  • Instead of confronting expensive hardware costs, expand or scale your workforce by hiring the best Microsoft 365 managed services and adding another user and their additional storage space (1TB) and application access happens instantly.
  • It is not so difficult to remove a user if unnecessary, and you can pay for the number of accounts required and scale it as per your business plan.

Track Mobile Devices Efficiently

  • Employees might use multiple mobile devices to access the data and applications. So, it is essential to keep track of your devices with proper administration.
  • The Intune mobile device management from Microsoft Office 365 managed services helps you motivate most of your mobile management with automated security policies that can easily revoke or promote access to the remote workforce.

Enhanced Security

  • Over a dozen applications including OneDrive, Outlook, Yammer, and OneNote are secured by Microsoft 365 service providers.
  • “Adding and making these applications available is straightforward; users can share internally simply by a right-click ‘share with’ and even go as far as co-authoring files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,” says Chris Pyle CEO of MessageOps.
  • Externally, Microsoft has data loss prevention and an additional level of security for SharePoint & Exchange.
  • It’s important for organizations to focus on data protection and rely on the secured features of Microsoft 365 managed services for migrating sensitive data to the cloud.

What are the Office 365 Service tools used for Maximizing Business Efficiency?

Office 365 business premium can boost business efficiency and improve agility, and communication within your organization with these fantastic tools or applications. They include:

  1. Office Online Suite
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Yammer
  4. Streamlined Calendar of Outlook
  5. Power BI
  6. Clutter
  7. To Do and
  8. Sway


Business efficiency depends on the productivity of your work. Keeping your data safe and secure by enhancing your efficiency can make your overall business result better. Microsoft 365 providers tackle tons of user data helping businesses to stay safe and secure from cyber-attacks and other viruses. The migration journey cannot be more feasible without O365 managed services as they pitch in with maximum advantages.

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