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Factors To Consider When Finding A Suitable Forensics Software In 2023

by Jane Richardson

Forensics software is a type of tool that assists investigators to carry out different processes on their evidence. This software tool is designed to help collect raw data from digital storage devices, such as CCTV cameras or DVR systems. In addition, the right software tool also assists in the recovery of including the recovery of corrupted, hidden, or deleted files, making investigations successful.

Today, there are thousands of forensic software tools available for investigators to use. The only problem, however, is that not all these tools are reliable for forensic investigations. This begs the question; what exactly are the effective tips for finding suitable software for forensics?

1.  Your budget

As an investigator, before you go ahead to start investing in forensics software, one factor you certainly don’t want to joke with is your “budget”. Although solving crime cases is important, what is also important to you (as an investigator) is your ability to earn a living. As such, you need the right tools that won’t require you to empty your pocket. This is especially true if you’re responsible for the entire digital forensic budget.

The best advice for you is to research relevant software tools and compare different brands. The aim is to pick effective tools that won’t require you to go out of your digital forensic budget.

2.  TrainingForensics Software

The right software for digital investigation must come with training and certification for investigators. It doesn’t end there; when picking a suitable software, ensure to go for a tool that comes with the training you can easily learn and become an expert in. With so many investigative tasks on your desk, you certainly don’t want software training that’ll take you forever to learn. That said, the right training must be easy to learn regardless of your technical background.

3.  Is the tool available for online use?

When picking a suitable tool for forensic investigation, another factor you should consider is the ability to use it online. For instance, are you looking to deblur online to make your digital video a lot clearer for court use? In this case, the right image or video blurring software should be a cloud-based one. This is important, as cloud computing is reliable for keeping data safe and secure.

That’s not all; another good thing about digital software is that it’ll give you (as an investigator) the opportunity to quickly analyze and identify evidence in a forensic lab. This will also reduce the manual search time for certain evidence, such as images and browser history.

4.  Features & Specifications

As you already know, all forensics tools available out there are not created the same way. Different software tools are designed to perform different digital forensic tasks. As a result, before picking a reliable software tool, ensure to first define your purpose.

  • Why exactly do you need this forensics software?
  • What forensic features are you exactly looking for in the software?

By answering these questions, you certainly won’t go wrong when choosing the right tools for your forensic investigation.

Today, Cognitech is currently the leading manufacturer of different forensics software for investigators. From image authentication software, video enhancement software, and photogrammetry software, to video deblurring software, you’ll never go wrong by trusting Cognitech for your tools. You can visit Cognitech’s official website to learn more about the different forensics software tools available to improve your investigation job.

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